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Monday, November 28, 2011

Too Cool!!

Wow! I wasn’t sure that anyone other than Jean still checked in here anymore. Imagine my surprise at seeing all of you. Thanks to all of you for your kind and clever words. Jean and Kdzu…..thanks a ton. Almost Candy (love the name) and Goatman (not too sure about that one yet!)…very nice to “meet” you both and thanks.

Now that I think I’ve figured out how to sit at this laptop comfortably for more than a minute or so at a time, I may be able to get back to writing a bit.

Thanksgiving was spent doing the family thing at my eldest sister Colleen’s home. It was really strange not having Michelle there. It’s funny but even though I have a very vocal and loving family, Michelle really wasn’t discussed much at all. I think we’ve all pretty much come to terms with her loss and it’s just too damned painful to talk about it. She’s like the little adorable little elf in the room. (She was too tiny to be the ‘elephant in the room’).

I don’t know when I’ll be able to talk about her without going into a depression but…I have a feeling that it may take a while.

God this sucks.

Well….anyway, we all got through the day, had a pretty good time and ate too much. I went home, watched football and went to bed! Woohoo….party animal huh?

Saturday my beloved University of South Carolina Gamecocks kicked the crap out of our arch enemy, the Clemson Tigers!

The very next day, I ended up back at the ER!

This heart thing is getting to be a pain in the…..well…chest.

Seriously though, nothing short of a heart transplant is going to cure it so…I just have to try and deal with it. My family thinks I’m an idiot but I don’t want a heart transplant and don’t think I’d accept one if I was offered one. It’s probably a moot point anyway due to a few additional health factors.

Between the horror stories I’ve heard about living as a transplant recipient…there is the fact that I honestly can’t stand the way the future is looking. Not for me but for the world. Dear lord it’s looking bleak out there folks. I truly feel sorry for kids who are growing up to face what’s coming in the next few decades. I honestly believe that it’s going to make the Great Depression look like a few months of summer camp in comparison. But…that’s another topic altogether.

I have decided to one thing however….I’m going to live what’s left of my life to the fullest and use this blog to tell a few stories that only a dying man could get away with. I’m serious.

I’ve looked into ways to make money from it but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to swing it so…why the hell not just tell them anyway?

One of them is the story of how I took my revenge on a guy who deserved it if anyone ever did. I’m not proud of it now and have even asked forgiveness from my God for what I did but…that’s the “spiritual” Ron….the “human” Ron still feels satisfied about what I did to that sorry piece of crap. a Christian, I have 'issues'.

So….if you feel the urge, check by from time to time and hopefully you will catch a few strange tales from yours truly. I hate typing and haven’t found a voice recognition software program that works for me but…..I’ll give it a shot. My first story however will be a pretty funny one based on a conversation I had just the other day.

Absolutely out of the blue I was reminded of a thing my brother, his best friend Billy and of course, I did to a group of Christian kids called the R.A.’s almost 27 years ago. For those of you who have the misfortune of being born and raised outside the Southern Baptist church….the R.A.’s are the Royal Ambassadors of Christ. Wow….twenty seven years ago….ain’t that a hoot?

I know, I know….sounds like this is leading to something weird but it’s more along the lines of an old time southern ‘rite of passage’ deal. Looking back however, I realize that it could have turned out very different than it actually did but still….it was a pretty wild experience for all of those who were there.

As anyone knows, one of the most notorious southern traditions is called the Snipe Hunt. Hell, I don’t know…..maybe Yankee boys endure a northern version of the snipe hunt but I’m not certain of it.

Anyway, I’m going to write about that incident because not only is it an absolutely true story, it’s somewhat exciting, dangerous and funny at the same time. So….you be the judge.

Truth is that in this day and sensitive climate, we might have ended up as headline news and in jail! Who knows?

It may take awhile but…what the hell?

I’ll be back soon to begin the tale. Good Lord willing and my heart holds out!


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