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Friday, July 14, 2006

Going To The Lake

Michelle, our adorable little Cocker Spaniel, Molly and I are heading down off the mountain to our little place on Lake James this weekend. It's supposed to be hotter than the gates of Hell down there but..."she who must be obeyed" has made up our minds and we're going! Hopefully, we'll spend alot of time out on the lake so, it shouldn't be too bad as long as I can swim around a bit with Michelle and Molly. Last weekend, Michelle went swimming in a lake for the very first time EVER! She said she was tired of watching the rest of us having fun so, I put a ski vest on her. She was still terrified but she sucked it up and went in anyway and absolutely loved it. It's amazing how many folks who were raised in the mountains never learned how to swim. Understandable actually because the only lake nearby is Watauga Lake in Butler, Tn which is fed by mountain streams mostly and is usually colder than an ex-wifes heart year round. The temperature rarely gets over 85 or so here in the summer and there are very few swimming pools except a few of the indoor variety at some of the tourist spots so, a lot of folks just never learned. While I am proud of Michelle for wanting to learn, I hope she doesn't decide to take up skydiving or some such crazy thing! While I love the water, I'm scared to death of HEIGHTS!
I hope ya'll have a GREAT WEEKEND.


Blogger Keeper said...

Nothing like a fun filled weekend to breathe a breath of freshness back into life!! I've eaten my body weight in wonderful grilled food,and beer chilled on ice. beer is never as good or cold as when it's chilled in ice! Hope everyone had as great a time!

7/17/2006 11:04 AM  
Blogger Rantin' Ron said... are indeed a KEEPER! A lady who appreciates the sheer JOY of iced down beer and grilled food!
You and Michelle would get along famously..oh yeah, me too!

7/17/2006 4:40 PM  

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