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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Greetings Ya'll

This must be the time of year when bloggers slow down a bit. I have noticed that many of my favorite bloggers are not posting as much as normal and its happened to me as well.

It really bothers me when I check in to fellow bloggers sites only to find that nothing new has been posted.

Damn it!!

In my case, my lack of regular postings can be explained away by telling you that....I've been BUSY!! All you other slack assed bloggers are to be ridiculed but...not ME 'cause, as I said...I've been busy damn it!

The rest of you...GET BUSY and post something damn it!!


Well....I'm working on a story about my one time shot at being a drug smuggler or, as I called it, 'My Smug Druggling Caper'.

Back tomorrow I think.....

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