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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Few People and Things I Hate...Part Two

Hillary Clinton:

Where the hell do I begin?
Ok, let's start with the absolute FACT that there are truly evil people in this world. While I can't logically lump ole Hillary in with the world class evil monsters of history, I simply firmly believe that anyone who can muster such blind loyalty/fear from people she has routinely screwed over, lied to and even swindled HAS to be protected by "forces of the dark side" which, I believe INCLUDES the "old guard media".

Laugh if you will but this broad is protected by some sort of freakin' vodoo curse!

Ask yourself this. How many people have YOU personally known well who committed suicide? How many close personal friends have YOU known who were murdered, died in plane or automobile crashes or died in mysterious unsolved "accidents"? How many people do YOU know who have been indicted for a crime much less been convicted and served time? I could go on and on and on.

I personally remember a few suicides, one murder (and the piece of shit deserved it! Almost wished I'd have committed it.), four car related deaths, one drowning, a handfull of natural causes deaths and of few folks convicted of minor crimes but absolutely NO unsolved mysteries and I'm almost 53 yrs old.

Although Hillary has admittedly been involved with a MUCH larger number of folks than I have, this woman is like a modern day Typhoid freakin' Mary! The Hillary Death Toll is outrageous and entirely too curious to be explained away. Go on Google, type in anything such as "Hillary Clinton death toll" and "Hillary Clinton scandals".

I know, I know, there are tin foil hat wearin', Montana militia black helicopter type morons out there who believe any number of wacky conspiracies about ANYTHING and yes...they know how to build a website or write a book BUT there are simply TOO MANY facts on the public record for there not to be some connection in all the wierd stuff that's happened around her. There is even a new "conspiracy" arising over the violent death of an Arkansas doctor who's wife's first husband was violently murdered and connected with some Clinton scandals.

Ok, forget the violent, mysterious, convenient and "beneficial" deaths surrounding Hillary...maybe they are just a big coincidents. could happen right?

How 'bout the 900 missing FBI files which miraculously turned up after being gone for what...two years? Hell, I can't even fathom the shit storm which would develop if Laura Bush misplaced even a piece of White House china? Hillary got a complete pass on the FBI files.

Oh yeah...sorry.... back to the strange deaths.

How about the TWELVE Clinton body guards who have died? JUST ASKING.

How about Craig Livingstone, the ex-bar bouncer with a history of drug use who was the head of White House security. Hell, George W. caught mortal hell for nominating Bernard Kerik as the head of Homeland Security. At least he had been the succesful commish in New York City. Yeah, he had a few shadows on life's x-ray but he wasn't a convicted druggie with no credentials! Again...Hillary skated on the Livingston fiasco. She even got away with claiming that she and Bill had no idea who had even hired the dumb bastard!

In closing, I firmly believe that Hillary is an evil, dishonest, conniving, duplicitous woman who has and WILL do anything to retain her existing power. I believe she will do anything to gain even greater power in the very near future.

Whatever the source of her evil "power", whether it be a "vast left wing conspiracy" or some sort of pact with the devil...she's one dangerous sub human piece of my not so humble opinion. Such duplicitous and Machivellian creatures DO exist and I firmly believe she's one of them.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Few People and Things I Hate

In no particular order:

Cindy Sheehan:
Never in the history of mankind has a woman enjoyed the death of a son more. This piece of sub human debris has her son pertually spinning in his heroic resting place. If her son was willing to give his life for his country why the hell can't she at least honor his memory by shutting the hell up?
I could almost give her a break if her son had been drafted but the man VOLUNTEERED for God's sake.

Michael Moore:
Not enough bandwidth to go into detail. Suffice to say that if I ever met him in person I swear I would deck him. He has personally misinformed more idiotic Americans than anyone since the Clintons and Oliver Stone.

Jesse Jackson:
Where do I begin? Shakedown artist, racist piece of shit, liar, race baiting bastard, and those are his good traits. The main reason I hate him is that he didn't step in front of James Earl Rays' bullet that day in Memphis! Martin Luther King was, like most of us, a flawed human being but had he lived, this country would be done with all this black/white horseshit. Dr. King would be embarassed at the black leadership of today. He refused to be a victim and would be sickened that so many black people have taken to reveling in their "victim-hood".

Alan Combs aka Lizard Man:
This dispicable asshole makes me want to bitch slap him every time I watch Hannity and Lizard Man. I have never seen someone so blatantly anti everything good just for the sake a being anti everything good. I remember listening to his radio show back in the Eighties and, while he was definately Liberal as sin, he was at least intellectually semi-honest. He has since sold his soul for the big bucks and a spot alongside Sean Hannity. While I'm not a real big Sean Hannity fan (I like his politics but he's a bit too "party line" for me), I would become a HUGE Hannity fan if he would just once reach across and slap the hell out of that smirking, condescending lizard looking son of a bitch.

To be continued...She Who Must Be Adored is calling. Yeah....I'm whipped.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not Bragging but...

I'm not bragging, I really am not BUT it's gonna sound like it when I say that I have an almost absolutely perfect life!

I truly have been blessed. I have a wonderful and beautiful wife, (after two marital disasters), I live in one of the most perfect places I've ever seen ( and I've traveled the U.S. and the world quite a bit in my almost 53 yrs), my brother and I somehow FINALLY built a wildly succesful business (after two failed restaurants and several mediocre, break even type ventures in advertising and marketing) and last but most importantly, Michelle has survived and is thriving after being diagnosed almost five years ago with stage four metatisized breast cancer! She is living proof that, there ain't NOTHING that God can't fix.

Tonight, Michelle (or as I refer to her: "She who must be adored" and I sat in our front yard and watched the July 4th fireworks shows of private individuals and municipalities within a twenty mile radius around us. Fireworks displays from Newland, NC, Crossnore, NC, Beech Mountain, NC, Banner Elk, NC, Mountain City, Tennessee, Grandfather Golf and Country Club, Linville Ridge Golf and Country Club, the Wiseman family and a handfull of our neighbors put on quite a show tonight!!

It was almost as impressive as the spring and summer thunderstorms God puts on from time to time up here.

We have an almost 360 degree range of sight of all the goings on every year. This is the first year in quite a while that we didn't have a family and friends blowout here at "Heaven On Earth". We usually chip in as a clan and buy several hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks but not this year.

Seems that everyone including us were involved in other projects, travel or in one case, moving into a new home. be honest, Michelle and I had a blast just kickin' back, sipping a cool drink, watching the show and not having to cater to any guests for a change. Too absolutely cool. The Good Lord has been good to us.

I hope my new blog visitor friends, Teresa and Keeper have had a great 4th as well.

As Yakoff Smirnoff used to say "What a country!"

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Developing Nations"

Let me go on record as stating that politically, I am somewhere to the right of Ghengis Khan so it may sound a bit wierd when I say that we should cut off all aid to "developing nations". We should use that money to fund such Liberal causes as national health care and the like.

We send billions to "fight" AIDS in Africa when this battle could be funded for a hundred thousand or so well spent dollars at a local Kinko's. All we need to do is print up a few million fliers stating that if you have unprotected sex with man, woman or beast, you will probably get AIDS. If you shoot dope or plunge a penis into a rectum, you will probably get AIDS. That oughta do the trick.

I'm sick to death of hearing about "developing nations"!!

We are bombarded with polically correct stories of how Africa is this wonderfully ancient civilization which is the birth place of mankind. Africa is said to be so perfectly spiritual and western culture somehow pales in compassion but I have to ask this...

America is what? Two hundred and thirty years old?

Africa is approximatly five thousand or a jillion years old depending on who you talk to? Who the hell should be the developing nation here? In the real world, shouldn't a sixty year old man be a bit more advanced than say your average two day old baby?

How can an ancient nation said to be so culturally pure and marvelous still be living in the stone age expecting that we feed and care for it?

What about Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, etc. The list goes on and on and on. I'm sick to damn death of this stupid horseshit.

I truly admire people who display an adherence to cultural and religious traditions. Hell, I even admire those glassy eyed Jehovah's Witnesses who show up at our doors every once in a while. You really have to chug more than your fair share of Kool-Aid to absorb the ridicule and abuse those poor bastards probably catch with each unwelcomed visit. I think they're nuttier than squirrel shit but I do admire their adherence to their faith.

What I don't get is how we, the USA have decided that it is our national duty to subsidize nations and continents who have labeled us "infedels".

They accept our billions and then, turn around and ridicule US.

It reminds me of a guy I used to play music with in Columbia, SC. This guy was a pretty good keyboard player, a substandard songwriter, an above average singer, good looking, and also a self absorbed cocain freak who considered himself to be a singularly remarkable Artist. He spent half his life living in daily rate motels, sleeping on peoples couches, being evicted from one apartment or another and generally mooching off the world yet he looked with disdain upon people such as bartenders, waitresses, cab drivers, clerks, cops and basically anyone who worked at a REAL job so that they didn't have to sleep in other people's guest rooms and actually take care of themselves. HE was a developing artist and the rest of us idiotic working stiffs should be honored to subsidize his genious.

I and several dozen other people liked this guy so much that we repeatedly came to his rescue year after year until approximately six years ago.

To make a long story short, he called me one day and said that he had nowhere else to go and would I please meet him in Hickory, NC and let him stay at my house until he could get back on his feet. Reluctantly and after much begging on his part, I went and got his sorry ass.

As I drove back up the mountain to my house, I laid down the ground rules of his stay with me. They were pretty simple.

1) He had to find and keep a job.

2) He had to get his own place within two months

3) No drugs.

4) He had to save his money

5) He had to adhere to my lifestyle... not me to his.

As the saying goes, "no good turn goes unpunished" so, of course, this arrangement went to hell faster than an abortion doctor!!

I finally confronted him and told him that he had violated every rule I had laid down as part of the aggreement and that he had to go somewhere....anywhere but he couldn't stay with me anymore.

I made him pack all his stuff into the same giant plastic bags he had brought with him, took his sorry ass to Boone, NC, dropped him off at a gas station, gave him $200.00 and told him to never call me again until he had "gotten his shit together".

Turns out, the slick S.O.B charmed a female UPS driver into giveing him a lift to Charlotte (which led to her being fired from her job), checked into a cheap motel, overdosed on something or other, got arrested, jailed, and was put on work release where he met the ugliest woman I've ever seen in my life who loved him dearly warts and all.

He now works for a living like the rest of us morons. They married and so far...he's living happily and independently ever after!

That's my idea of tough love....we should try it on those "developing nations".

For God's sake....DEVELOP ALREADY you freakin' deadbeat bottom dwellers!!

Okay, Okay.....I'll shut up now!

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I'd like to find my first football coach and KILL the bastard!!

Every morning for the past ten years or so, the same thought hits me as stumble out of bed. Yes...literally stumble.
"I'd like to find my first football coach and KILL the bastard!!"
At fifteen years old, Coach Leonard Shealy spotted me playing football in the park and pulled me off to the sidelines in the middle of a pickup game.
"Hoss, you've got all the tools to be great football player. Come to practice next Monday and we'll get you started."
He "got me started" allright. He got me started breaking or dislocating damn near every appendage on my body. I went on to play football all through high school, almost in college till I totally blew out BOTH knees. Like a moron, a couple of years later when I thought my knees were completely healed, I played two more years on a minor league pro football team. A taxi squad for the Washington Redskins for very little money. Bad move...more injuries.
The truth is that I played football for the same reason I learned to play guitar and sing....CHICKS!
Later on I began to wish I hadn't taken up football OR women. They'll both eventually kill you if you ain't real careful! I suppose you could say that I've taken my share of hard knocks from both but at least the women didn't leave me stumbling around on surgically repaired knees, bad ankles and arthritis. Broke yes but not BROKEN.

It's funny though, I still dream almost nightly of scoring touchdowns, making tackles and feeling like a Greek god. The truly amazing thing is that, even when I look at pictures of myself back then or read the old newspaper clippings, there is almost no sense that that was even ME! Memories wane but pain SURVIVES.
On that subject...
One of my old football buddies, Fred L. lives a block away from my Dad. I haven't seen him in over twenty five years. My Dad met him at a neighborhood meeing and Fred told my father a story about me. My Dad recounted the story to me one day, months after the meeting.
Fred claimed that I had scored two field goals to win a game, drank a twelve pack of beer afterwards, caught a drunk's sucker punch in mid air just inches before he broke Fred's nose which put an end to a fight before it could get started AND went home with the best looking babe in town....all in one night.
My Dad said, "Fred said you were really something else."
I told my Dad that the winning field goals really did happen but I ended up in the emergency room before the game was over with a hyper extended right knee after being clipped by a ruthless s.o.b. after getting off a HUGE punt which ended any hope of a comeback by the opposing team. Oh yeah....I missed a crucial tackle late in the fourth quarter which would have made my two field goals an afterthought. My Dad said, "Yep, that's what I remeber too."
That's it. No glory. No guts. No super human feats. Just a blown out knee, an old weathered newspaper clipping and a years of aches and pains.
Football SUCKS.....Lord help me...I can't wait until the Gamecocks start playing again in the fall!!!
I'm a damned hypocrit...a pathetic, limping hypocrit.

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