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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I finally realized why I haven’t been writing lately!

I’ve gone back to the office for the past two or three months after spending a LONG time..over two years…. just hangin’ out at the house.

Hell, my brother is the true brains of the business and after I ran into some heart problems, I just stayed at home, cashed checks and enjoyed a semi retirement at the ripe old age of fifty.

I got used to being a man of leisure and enjoying life with the love of my life Michelle and our pain in the ass puppy….Molly.

Well, to make a long story short….I got into blogging when I had plenty of time, inclination and single mindedness to stick with it for a while but damn…I didn’t have anything else to do back then!

Now I’m actually trying to do more than one thing in a single day and I’ve gotta tell ya’ll….I ain’t a multi-tasking kind of dude.

I’m really not all that bright to begin with!

My world has been rocked and I’m having to actually deal with employees, clients and well…..PEOPLE!

Oh the humanity!

It’s sort of surreal actually….we have over 400 clients and I used to know ALL of them when there were only 300 but now….I feel like a stranger.

It’s weird.

Hell, we have employees I’ve never even met until a couple of months ago. They have names, families, problems, and HUGE salaries that I know nothing about.

They are all young.

Some are great kids…..some are really strange.

Just today, I was talking to our data base guru.

I asked him a simple question about something that a client wanted to do on their website. No big deal. It was a question that, as a techno moron, I figured would require a simple ‘yes or no’ answer to but…of course, I was wrong.

Jim launched into a long winded dissertation on the laws of freakin’ physics or some such crap and within fifteen seconds, my eyes glazed over…..I heard the sounds of sitars, car crashes, thundering herds of horses and a dozen fiddle players on amphetamines as his words seemed to run together. My right hand reached for a non existent Colt .45 in an imaginary holster but alas….I was unarmed and I could not SHOOT the sonofabitch!!

I would have strangled him with my bare hands but Jim is a 1300th degree black belt in some form of deadly martial arts, 30 years old and has the ability to bend steel bars with his eyebrows so, somehow I kept my arthritic hands to myself.

Call me a pacifist.

Jim has been with us for five years and honestly, I’ve NEVER understood a word that the yankee sumbitch has ever uttered but now…….it’s just worse!

It’s not him really…it’s me.

I’ve been away so long and I’ve been so damned content at being away that I think I may have lost the capacity to deal with day to day business crap!

My brother and I started the business twelve years ago after running two restaurants into the ground but things have been great ever since.

I was heavily involved for nine of those years but gradually, I eased myself into semi-retirement. After the heart related stuff, I pretty much have stayed at home. I called in and talked to my brother each day but, for all intents and purposes…..I quit working.

Now the business is growing even more and I have found myself pulled back into it without really even intending to be.

One day, I casually mentioned to Mike….my brother…that I missed hangin’ out at the office with him and BOOM!!

I’m back at the office and quite frankly….

I'm freakin’ MISERABLE!!!!!

One of the weirdest feelings in the world is to be a co-owner of a business and realize in your most honest moments that quite frankly…..

I don’t even BELONG there!

Hell, I’m not qualified to be a fuckin’ administrative assistant at a company I friggin’ OWN!

It’s so strange to be sitting there in my office trying to find something to do!

I’m not kidding ya’ll!

I used to answer the phone ten times a day. I used to place twenty calls each day. I used to have appointments, make decisions, write articles, talk to clients, do lunch and all that other crap and now?

Now I look at the clock, play games on the computer, laugh and joke with employees whom I know nothing about, call Michelle three times a day and talk with my brother when he’s not too busy to talk to me.

I feel a bit like useless these days but….I’m trying to insinuate myself back into REAL life and I suppose it’ll happen soon enough but I sure do miss spending ALL of my time with 'Itty Bitty' (Michelle) and that damned pain in the ass puppy!

Oh well…..such is life and I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I sure do miss those days of doing only those things which brought me joy.

Spending my days and nights with my wife, butchering wood, watching old movies while butchering wood and driving around the mountain trying to find where that damned little cocker spaniel Molly has run off to was a lot of fun.

And oh yeah….I miss blogging too.

I'll be back soon......I hope.

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