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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hi Ya’ll

Sorry I’ve been so long between posts but, life has gotten in the way again.

It truly amazes me how many people keep ‘checking in’ on me and my pitiful little blog. I’m humbled.

The fact of the matter is that I’ve been having some semi-serious health problems and haven’t felt much like blogging OR messing around on the computer at all.

The fantastic news is that Michelle is doing REALLY well. As a matter of fact, we just visited with her Oncologist (cancer doctor) today and he was very happy at how she’s doing. He actually said that ‘things couldn’t be going better with her treatments’. He said that she doesn’t need to see him or continue her chemo for the next three months!

Thank God for that!

Michelle has been working in her garden, growing vegetables, flowers, grapes, tomatoes and a million other things. On top of that…she’s decided to become a golfer!

She’s become infatuated with the game so we bought her a set of clubs, a hitting mat and a net for her to practice in the front yard. She LOVES it! I’m doing my best to give her lessons and she’s really doing quite well. She can’t hit the ball very far but she is hitting it straight….which is half the battle.

Our front yard is like a 150 yard uphill par three and she’s no longer content to hit into the net…she wants to hit the ball HARD! She has NO patience with hitting into the net but the good news is that Molly, our cocker spaniel, is a ball fetching fool so…..she’s helping out quite a bit.

Well….that’s life in our world right now…I pray that ya’ll are doing well and are as happy as we are.

Take care and God Bless you all.


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