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Friday, January 12, 2007

What I've Been Up To....

Some of you asked that I post pictures of the snow while others asked that I post pictures of my initial attempts at the scroll saw goes.

I usually do wood carving or Dremel work so......don't expect too much. This is a new hobby for me. I'm having fun learning how to use the scroll saw. It's a really safe and versatile tool. With the temperature in the teens and snow on the ground, it ain't like I've got much else to do these days.

The first picture is the front yard. The second is 'Molly', the spoiled rotten puppy. Next is the bed I made for her using the scroll saw and Dremel tool. Michelle made the pillow, I just did the wood work. Then there is the butterfly picture frame I made for my nieces. Next is the plaque I made for my Mom and last but not least is the likeness of Ronaldus Maximus...The Gipper...Ronald Reagan. Damn! That one took a long time and I'm gonna give it to my Dad. ya'll can can see, I've been busy makin' saw dust but I will be posting another yarn soon.

I hope ya'll are all doing well.

Back soon.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No...I'm Not Dead!

Everything is fine here on the homefront. I've just been a bit obsessed with my new toy....a scroll saw. I've always loved working with wood and since I got the scroll saw, I've devoted almost every free moment to learning how to use the damned thing. I've made some pretty cool stuff so far.

I'll be back posting soon and I'm still checking out ya'lls blogs.

We had a veritable blizzard up here today. I may post some pics in the morning.

I hope all of you are doing well and are happy.

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