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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanks To All Of You

First let me thank all of you have stopped by and left such kind words. My friend Jean directed quite a few of you here and for that as well as her kindness, I thank her too.

All of your prayers are much appreciated.

Michelle is really doing well so far after her latest chemo treatment. Other than a couple of 'blah' down days, she's back to her normal, effervescent self and back to worrying the hell out of me!

The other day, she backed the Suburban into a telephone pole at the grocery store. She has a tough time looking backward in the car due to her neck pain which is due the multiple tumors in her spine but luckily, she didn't hurt herself in the smash up. She cried about the damage to the car but I told her not to worry about it. Hell, that's what insurance is for right?

This weekend, my little Lumber Jill took the bad assed Weed Eater up into the woods behind and above the house and once again began clearing out brush and small trees with a metal blade. She's been doing so for the past month because she wants to be able to see the deer, foxes and bears better from our kitchen window. Anyway....apparently, a limb knocked her glasses off and she's spent the past couple of days combing the underbrush trying to find them! I helped for a while but told her it's useless but of course, she's stubbornly still searching! As we speak, she and my sister in law are up there.....still searching.

She cried again...this time about the glasses!

She's amazing! Never once has she shed a tear over the cancer but a fender bender and a lost pair of glasses and she cries.....go figure.

Sure do love my little woman.

Thanks again for dropping by and I'll be back soon with another of my tale of a misspent youth.

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