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Friday, March 28, 2008

Just A Few Lines

Thanks for those of you who still stop by from time to time. I haven’t spent much time at the computer recently for a number of reasons but, for those of you who have asked about us, trust me….we’re doing well.

Michelle’s chemo took her hair again but she made it through fine and her hair is coming back even though she’s continuing on a new round of a pill form of chemo. It’s making her hands and feet a bit sensitive but otherwise she’s tolerating it well and all the tests show that she doing fantastic. Thank God for that.

I’ve been trying to get back into the office a few days a week but I feel a bit like a stranger in my own company! My brother/partner has been running things for so long and the biz has grown so much that I can’t seem to feel comfortable anymore. We still have the base of ‘old’ employees, five or so but now there are many more ‘new’ ones and damn…they are all so friggin’ young! Sometimes I feel as if I hear one more sentence containing sixteen oh my gawd’, ‘you know’ or ‘like’s I’m gonna go berserk! College freakin’ graduates who talk like damned ‘80’s’ era Valley Girls! Lord save me. Oh yeah…why do they have to call everyone (except Mike and I) ‘dude’? Just asking. And what’s up with them showing up for work as though they just rolled out of bed? Damn I’m getting old.

Okay….I’ll shut up now!

I’ve been asked why I quit blogging regularly and to be honest…I don’t know but I’ll resume someday I’m sure. I think one reason is that one of my employees found out about the blog and now I feel kind of weird about writing anymore. Strange. He’s a great kid and he says he loves my stuff but still…just seems kind of strange to me.

Well, anyway…that’s the update and I hope to be back soon.

God Bless you all.


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