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Friday, October 21, 2005

No Liberals Allowed

Recently, I have instituted a zero tolerance policy on Liberals. I used to tolerate them in very small doses simply to have someone to debate with. However, over the last ten years or so, they (Liberals) have become unhinged. Whereas I once had semi intelligent conversations with Liberals, I now find myself constantly confronted with mindless drivel. Every discussion of any topic seems to come around to the ridiculous mantra of " Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Haliburton, Haliburton, Haliburton, War for Oil and George Bush stole two elections". I am sooo freakin' tired of that crap.

Just for the record, I think George Bush is a really great guy...not neccesarily a great President. He sucks on border control, he's trying to out spend the Democrats, he shouldn't have gone into Afghanistan OR Iraq, he tries too hard to make everyone like him and he refuses to call B.S. when he needs to do so. Other than that...I think he's a morally sound, spiritualy stable, and....a good man.

Not to mention the fact that I really love Laura Bush. She's a little hottie. Can't you just see that "Come here big boy" look in her eye? However.....I digress.

Basically, I've come to the conclusion that true Liberals are immoral, irrational, pathetic, sick sub human beings who will stop at nothing to further their agenda.

After all, if you are willing to MURDER the unborn, what will you NOT do? Seriously, think about it. If you are able to justify and sanction the murder of the most innocent among us, will you not lie? Steal? Cheat?

These people who defend the lives of snail darters, bald eagles, tree toads and seals also zealously defend the extermination of unborn humans. Can anyone with a brain justify this? Please explain it to me.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Taliban Camp Fire etc.

Today the mainstream media and their fellow Liberal morons are screaming bloody murder over the burning of two sub human Taliban individuals.

I'm hearing that the act of cremation is an insult to the world reknowned sensitivities of the Muslim religion.

Call me crazy but don't those suicide monkeys burn up when they set off a car bomb? What's the big deal if we do it to 'em?

I was NOT in favor of going into Iraq OR Afghanistan. My course of action would have been to place the military on our borders, call in our diplomats from enemy nations, immediatly cut off aid to ALL Muslim countries, interview and deport all questionable Arabic visitors, institute racial profiling in everthing from kindergarten to mass transit, form dozens of Special Forces sniper squads with the express purpose of killing as many Muslim extremists as we can find and last but not least...I'd brag about it every day.

The enemies of the United States need to be warned about the consequences of messing with US. Period. Screw the Liberals and the rest of the world. Who the hell needs them?

I believe President Bush is a good and moral man but he screwed up sending our troops "Over There". that we're there, we need to massacre the bad guys and get the hell out.

If we need to torture, humiliate, abuse, burn or be it. War ain't for the faint of heart and oh by the way...THEY STARTED IT!

AND ANOTHER DAMNED THING....We need to come up with a firm figure as to how much money we've spent on liberating Iraq and stick hoses into the ground until we've pumped the amount of oil it takes to match our expenditures and then... GO HOME.

Granted, Iraq will revert back to a stone age society within months of our departure but frankly...I don't care. Countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and most all Muslim countries have been around since the beginning of time and they are still crapping in outhouses and bowing to dictators...screw 'em! They are a waste of our time, energy, respect or concern. They deserve the lives they choose.

Whew...feeling much better now!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is It Just Me?

I think that Hollywood is really setting a bunch of young women up for physical abuse. Have you noticed the increasing number of scenes in TV shows, Movies and Video Games which feature petite women kicking the holy crap out of one or more burly men's collective asses? I'm all for women being "impowered" but let's be honest...Angelina Jolie couldn't whip even Peewee Herman's ass unless he was caught with his hand in the popcorn box. Alot of young girls are watching Jennifer Garner et al and buying into all that politically correct "I am woman hear me roar" horseshit. Unfortunately, they are gonna get a rude awakening when they try and pull that Girls Gone Ninja shit on some guy who's not been told that he's supposed to let the little girl whip his ass. I'd hate to see that happen....but it will.

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