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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm Still Alive Ya'll

Hi there all you guys and gals who are still stopping by from time to time to check on me. I assure you, I'm still alive.

I'm floored that any of you still drop by.

Michelle and I have been fine just a bit busy/preoccupied lately but, we're doing well.

You know...this blogging thing is funny. I have felt guilty as hell for not checking out other folk's blogs and of course, not doing anything on mine gets in the way at times.

Between work, the house, a few health things (including jumping off my brothers boat, slipping on the deck and wrenching my damned knee!!!).....I've been incredibly remiss in blogging.

I used to sit down here at the computer and write for hours at a time and was able to spill my guts about my past as though time didn't matter at all. However, for the past several months, I can't seem to find the time or inclination to do it anymore.I WANT to but......I can't seem to do it like I did before. I think I set a high bar for myself by doing those long, drawn out, multi-chaptered tales for a while. I guess I felt as though I shouldn't write ANYTHING if I didn't think I could finish it soon.

Not that they were all that great but, it's what I did and a lot of ya'll seemed to like it's what I did.So NOW....I'm just gonna try and do the best I can but I AM gonna blog again.

Hell....if nothing else, I'm just gonna spout off about my daily/weekly stuff.

HOWEVER.....I DO have another strange tale of my past life that I'd like to offer for ya'll.

I'm telling you up front that I don't know exactly how long it'll take to finish but.....I will finish it this time.

Between installments, I'm gonna keep in touch.I miss you guys and all the feedback as well keeping in touch with a bunch of yall.

On a totally different note:

Michelle and I don't actually have our place on the market officially but, we're kind of testing the waters to see what we might get for it were we to sell so, I had one of our folks at work build a website presenting our house and land. In case you want to see where we live, (and I'm not trying to use this blog to sell the place) you can check it out at .

We love it here but we're thinking about selling out, moving a bit further down the mountain (where it's warmer) and doing some traveling.

That little woman gets an idea in her head and I am legally required to indulge her!

Well, I'll be in touch more often...I promise.

The new tale begins tomorrow.....I guarantee it.


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