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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Still Here Ya'll

Just checking in to say that we are still alive and doing well.

I've actually been going to the office pretty much every day and thankfully, business is booming. While I don't know that ANY business is recession proof, people are using their websites more than ever so....we're rolling right along. I just hope the "Obamessiah's" Swindle-Us plan doesn't bankrupt everyone. I shudder to think of the next four years gotta hand it to him.....he won. American's got what they asked for. I just hope they can live with it. I AM tickled that we finally have a Black person in the Oval office but...I sure wouldn't have picked him. Oh well....

I hope everyone who still drops by from time to time are doing well too.

My back is still driving me slightly crazy but now that I'm pretty much hooked on pain pills, I'm able to handle it...barely.

Michelle is doing well but just about to burst for spring to come and stay! It was seventy degrees here Sunday but it's been snowing and freezing cold since yesterday.....damn it!

Well, that's about all for now but, I really do plan on getting back into this blog again. Maybe I'll try and set aside an hour or so at work to do so.

Thanks for those of you who have left messages from time to time. Jean, Rocky, Libby, Assrot (I still cringe everytime I say that name. LOL), LL, Joe Rose et al. I miss 'talking' to ya'll. I haven't even felt like checking out other blogs but, that's gonna change! Gotta get my mojo back!

I DID finally post a couple of snow videos on YouTube if ya'll want to check them out. I did for my Mom and Sister who LOVE snow but don't get much. I'm trying to figure how to upload my videos to YOuTube in a different format because it takes a lOOOONG time to do it now. I'll get it figured out soon I hope. My camera creates AVI's and I need to change them into something else. Anyone know how to do it?

To view them or anything else I may post just go to YouTube and search for GamecockRonNC.

Until next time...God Bless you all!

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