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Saturday, April 18, 2009

You Guys Are So Cool

I guys are TOO damned cool!

Thanks for actually giving a damn about Michelle and I. It's really kind of humbling. The internet is actually a pretty cool thing ain't it?

When I was a kid, I thought it was amazing that you could build a radio shack ham radio (which I did) and a beer can antenna and talk to someone in Kansas. IF the meteorological conditions were PERFECT!!


Anyway...thank ya'll for checking in on us.

By the way....I am going to post a new story in the next few days. As usual, it's autobiographical but honestly, it isn't a typical Ron tale.

It's about an incident that really effected me in a 'damn I wish that hadn't happened' kind of way.'s a lot worse than that's one of those things that happens in our lives sometimes that we simply can't justify. just don't know whether you did something right or wrong.

For some reason, it's bothering the hell out of me now and....what the hell........I thought I'd tell ya'll about it.

Maybe you can tell me whether or not I totally screwed the pooch.

I honestly don't know but I sure do feel guilty as hell.

BUT.....,and this makes NO sense whatsoever.... to be honest....I feel a great deal of satisfaction over what I did.

Do you get some sense of the problem I'm having here?

Anyway......I'm gonna blog about this very soon and I look forward to hearing your opinions on the subject.

Bye for now, Michelle worked me almost to death was 70 degrees and sunny.

Spring is here!!

Not really....the weather channel is calling for snow Monday night.

Oh well...maybe soon.

See ya'll soon.

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