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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi There Again Boys and Girls

I’ve been seriously remiss in posting but, quite frankly, I haven’t really had the time or inclination to write ANYTHING.

HOWEVER….I think that is about to change.

I’ve been obsessed with working with wood in my little workshop for quite awhile now and I think I’ve finally grown weary of my new toys. I’m also now convinced that I am to woodworking what the Cleveland Browns are to the NFL……INEPT!


I couldn’t cut a straight line if my gonads depended on it! My perfect circle looks oddly like a warped rugby ball. My curves are actually misguided bulges and my artistic endeavors can rightfully be compared to a monkey trying to screw a football.


I’m gonna start writing again. Blog stuff AND music.

I have avoided playing much music for the past two years mainly because I had become stale. I'm playing again and I'll be damned if it don't feel 'new' again.

Pretty damned cool.

My voice has changed with age and I've forgotten how to breath while singing but the result is a much more honest, laid back sound and feel. It's pretty wierd.

I'm playing all the old songs....all the old licks but somehow differently, it just sounds good to me.

Oh well....I'm through rambling on for now but...I'll see ya'll soon.

I hope ya’ll check back soon.

Anyway….I’m glad to see ya’ll are still dropping by…..thanks a lot.


Did I mention I’m going to work every day now?

Oh yeah…our company has really taken off and, thankfully….we have more work than we can handle so….now, for the first time in over two years….I’m having to get back to work!

Damn it!

I was really getting used to getting paid for stayin at home but….all good things must end I suppose.

Actually it’s not so bad…I get to spend more time with my brother Mike who is the brains behind the business as well as a bunch of great young employees and, of course, my precious niece Lauren. last thing.........

I’m beginning the story of my meeting with Anna Nicole. Really….I spent quite a bit of time with her while she was as whacked out as a nine eyed jackass!

True story!

Stay Tuned……….

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