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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Story Of My Wife

As a preamble to this story, let me say that we just got some absolutely incredible news about Michelle’s last Cat Scan and tumor marker tests.

Her oncologist, Dr. Davis was so excited that he personally called and told us that her CT scan looked great and said that he would tell us more during her scheduled visit Tuesday….yesterday.

The call came Monday.

Did that make sense? Oh well….I hope you followed it.

During the visit Tuesday, he gladly reported that NO tumors have increased, several appear to have actually gotten smaller and more importantly….several of the lesions in her liver have DISAPPEARED completely!!

I wish ya’ll could have heard some of the phone calls which took place last night.

Man….EVERYBODY loves my girl!!

I know…she’s my wife and I’m prejudiced but EVERYONE is inspired by her faith, attitude, fortitude, love and…..well, her MAGIC.

I’ve debated writing about ‘our story’ and the miracle that is Michelle but....I’ve just GOT to tell this story.

So….believe it or not….I give you…

The Story Of My Wife.

Michelle and I first met about fifteen years ago. I was working at a restaurant/bar in Banner Elk at the time. After a few years of playing music there, the owner, George had made me manager of the place as well as the entertainment because hell….we were the best of friends and drinking buddies so…why the hell not?

Honestly….I truly sucked at being a manager but I was one hell of a drinking buddy and a pretty fair musician. The problem with me at the time was that, quite frankly, I was a completely self absorbed asshole when it came to women.

I had gone through some really rocky marriages/relationships up to that time and I suppose I was just really weary of ‘love’ and all its problems. Basically, as a song I wrote at the time says…”I swore I’d have a heart of stone” but…..then I met Michelle.

Man…what a memory.

The lyrics to the song I wrote about this meeting pretty much tells the tale but I remember being in the middle of a song…the place was crowded and I was scanning the crowd not looking at or for anyone in particular.

Then I spotted her.

She was sitting at a table fifty feet away, one of those small ‘stand up’ tables with three other women who quite frankly may as well have been spider monkeys for all I cared! Don’t get me wrong….Michelle is and was a beautiful woman but, it wasn’t her ‘look’ that caught my eye…it was the way she was looking at ME.

It wasn’t a ‘I’m gonna screw the guitar player tonight’ kind of look she had on her face but rather a look that said that she was interested in what I was doing and really appreciated it.

I will NEVER forget thinking that while she WAS a beautiful girl….she was really getting into the music.

I will also NEVER forget what happened next.

For one of the few times in my life…..I forgot the friggin’ lyrics to the song I was singing. Hell….I’m pretty certain that I forgot the music as well but I’m positive that I screwed it up SO completely that I finally began laughing at myself as I attempted to recover.

The ending of the song was a complete train wreck and I promptly apologized to the audience with these words.

“I’m sorry ya’ll but it’s NOT my fault.” I proclaimed. “It’s HER fault!”

I pointed at Michelle until everyone turned and looked at her.


To her credit, she handled the attention well and gave me a sexy, mischievous grin as she lifted her wine glass in my direction.

Over the mic I asked.

“Are you going to be here awhile or do I need to take a break right now?”

She laughed and said something I couldn’t hear over the crowd noise.

“What did she say?” I asked.

The crowd went almost silent as they waited for her to repeat herself.

She finally flipped her hand at me in a dismissive manner.

“You just shut up and keep singing big boy.”

The audience howled and I laughed too.

To this day she still calls me ‘Big Boy’.

That’s how it all started.

Of course, I screwed it up at first but…

That was the beginning.

To Be Continued….

Sorry but I’m tired as hell…she’s trying to KILL me with yard work these days but I HAD to start this story tonight for some reason.

I can’t wait to tell this story even though I realize that it’s pretty corny but she’s such an amazing woman and I want ya’ll to know all about her.

More tomorrow.

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